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On average, each year, we conduct approximately 900 viewings for our own HMO portfolio in London. This experience gives us the perfect opportunity to be your HMO Letting Agent at a low cost.

We entered the HMO market in 2013 and now, rather than just organising viewings for ourselves, we have decided to help other HMO landlords find tenants too. We are more than happy to share our team with you – and our knowledge!

If you have a HMO and approach most high street letting agents, they will try and rent your property to one group of sharers, and charge around 8%. For a gross rental income of £3500pcm, on a 12 month contract, their fee will be £3,360. You are essentially losing one month’s rent.

Our idea challenges this norm. Firstly, we have found that it is much more effective to rent a HMO on a room-by-room basis, rather than trying to find a group of friend sharers. Secondly, and most importantly we charge only £99 per room we rent out.

For £99 we will:

Find your qualified tenant

Tenants who have the move in monies ready, and who are full time employed or have a full time employed guarantor.

Organise the viewing

Just let us know what dates and times you want us to organise the viewings for.

Take the holding fee

We will take the room off the market once the tenant pays a non-refundable holding fee.

Conduct the reference checks

The professional reference checks will include confirmation of employment, identity confirmation, full credit history check, rent affordability and more.

Receive the move in monies

First month’s rent and deposit

Get the AST signed

We will get the tenant to sign the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) online. Once they have done so we will send you the contract to sign online too.


If you’d like us to be your HMO Letting Agent feel free to call us on 0208 242 1556, or email us at, or send us a message via our Contact us page.

You can view the FAQs about this service here.