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If you are interested in passive income but find you don’t enjoy managing the process that comes with letting out your property, you are not alone. There are many hassles that come with letting out property, including but not limited to: difficulties finding quality tenants, expensive repair bills that can come at unexpected and unwanted times, weeks or months without tenants, and the stress of having to deal with tenants and handle any problems they have with their accommodation.

We provide high quality solutions that will eliminate all of these problems (and more!) while still allowing you to receive passive income from your property. HighTop will rent your property and guarantee your payments, every month. Unlike a troublesome tenant, we will never be late or miss out on payments. Ever.

One of the biggest concerns you will have when letting out your property is tenants contacting you constantly at inconvenient times to request maintenance work. We will take this hassle away, because at High Top we carry out all maintenance costing £100 or less free of charge. You are not expected to pay for any of this work, nice and easy! This is the main benefit our many landlords love about our service.

Another benefit of choosing our services is that before you rent your property to us, there is no need to get it professionally cleaned, or get the Gas Safety Certificate or do any light refurbishment work etc – we will do this for you. When we get the keys we are more than happy to conduct the deep clean, carpet clean and any other jobs that need to be done to get the property ready for our clients. This will save you a lot of money and hassle.  

To find out more about our service and how we can add value to you, feel free to contact us.