Peace of mind for Landlords…Fully Managed Maintenance paid for

We will help you achieve higher returns through our fee-free service. For landlords looking for hassle-free
property management and lettings. Providing unparalleled service since 2013.

Save money on Fees
We charge absolutely no fees
Tired of paying agents up to 15% of your rental income? Let us rent your property and you’ll never have to pay letting agents fees again.
Save money on Maintenance
We pay for all jobs under £100
Tired of tenants contacting you about small maintenance jobs? Rent to us and you’ll never have to think about or pay for small maintenance jobs again.
Save money on Voids
We pay the rent each month every month
Tired of having an empty property for a few weeks each year every year? Let us rent your property and you’ll never have any voids again.
  • A simple stress free service
    Peace of mind for landlords

    We rent your property from you. We the company are your tenant. The best tenant you could ever wish for. The perfect option if you want a peaceful hands free tenancy.

  • We pay full market rent
    No below market offers

    Is your property currently on Rightmove or Zoopla with a letting agent? We will pay that advertised amount. We don’t make our margin by undercutting our landlords.

  • No fees, no maintenance
    No hassle, no worries

    We charge no fees when renting your property and there are no hidden fees. We pay for all maintenance jobs which cost £100 or less. This saves you a huge amount of money when compounded over the years.

  • Your property cared for
    Maintained and cleaned

    We need to keep your property in tiptop condition for our clients. This means by default we need to ensure your property is cleaned and fully maintained at all times.

Rent to HighTop

Most of the landlords we know want a fully occupied property, with responsible tenants covering more than the cost of their mortgage, while their property value increases over time.

What they don’t want are voids, hassle from demanding tenants, agent fees and each year having to negotiate with different letting agent personnel.

We provide the solution with our 3-5 year fee-free lease. We do all the work for you, for free, while catering to a professional clientele of tenants seeking shared housing with beautiful common spaces and a sense of community.

If this is of interest to you feel free to contact us. We can answer any questions, arrange to meet you and visit your property.

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