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London HMO Property Professionals
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We are one of London’s largest HMO landlords. Since our incorporation in 2013 we have housed over 1,000 HMO tenants.

Our primary goal is to add value to all that we work with:
      • Adding value to Landlords because we are the perfect tenant; we do all maintenance jobs under £100 throughout the tenancy, never miss rent payments and so much more.
   • Adding value to Tenants because we are great property managers!  Always fully responsive to requests, friendly and provide great affordable rooms across London.
• Adding value to
Letting Agents because we act quickly when renting properties helping them hit their targets and beat their competition. 

If you are looking to rent your property to us we can provide bank statements and company accounts to you to demonstrate our financial capability and assets.

-Our company registration number is 08472387
-Our holding company registration number is 09646038
-We have been trading since 2013
-We currently have £25,000,000 AUM
-We own London BTL properties
-We are a million pound company both in terms of assets and turnover

You can view the FAQs about what we do here.