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HighTop was incorporated on the 3rd April 2013. You can see us listed on Companies House here; https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08472387.

A relocation agency is a company that provides a service to organisations that tend to hire contractors. One of the issues organisations face when hiring contractors from outside London; is where the contractor will stay during their 6 month or even 2 year contract.

One option of course is for the organisation to pay for them to stay in a hotel. This is not only expensive, but is also not much fun for the contractor. We provide a solution. Organisations pay us premium rent to house their employee or contractor for a minimum of 6 months. In return we provide good accommodation, fully furnished, in a good location and pay all the bills – so it’s hassle free for everyone.

It is very simple – we, the company, are your tenant. You will be assigned a property manager who you will be able to contact at any time during the tenancy. It is just like a ‘fully managed’ service from a letting agent. The difference however, is that our service does not cost you money, it saves you money.

We are very different from a standard tenant. Firstly, we will rent your property for between 3 and 5 years; therefore you will have no voids during that period. This means no missing out on rent, no agent fees and no hassle.

During the tenancy we will:
• Carry out any maintenance jobs costing £100 or less. Free of charge.
• Get the property professionally cleaned twice a month to ensure the property looks great consistently.
• Email you a quarterly property report that will include up to date internal pictures of your property so you know it’s being looked after.

Before the tenancy begins we will:
• Furnish the property
• Deep clean and carpet clean the entire property – for free.
• Conduct any light maintenance works that needs to be done, for example painting / carpentry – for free.
• Organise and pay for the Gas Safety Certificate.

Yes we will pay you a 5 week deposit.

We the company are your tenants.

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Our tenants are always fully employed professionals. Each undergo thorough professional credit checks and right to rent checks before we they move in.

No. We will start paying you your rent the date our contract starts with you.

Our tenant’s sign a minimum 6 month contract, however on average our tenants tend to stay for over 1 year.

If one of our tenants moves out, we will still pay you the rent in full, on time, every month not matter what.

No! Firstly we have never had any problem tenants; secondly if we did, they would be our problem – not yours. You would still receive all your rent money each month on time.

We will pay for all minor repairs throughout the tenancy that cost £100 or below, any jobs that cost more than that we can provide quotes to you in order to get the issue resolved. We have wide breadth of contractors we work with regularly and have a full time handyman.

You will still be responsible for the terms under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, which essentially places an obligation on you to maintain the structure and exterior of the property, the supply of water, gas and electricity and so on.

Yes of course no problem!

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