Payment security with peace of mind
Absolutely No Fees
We charge no fees to our landlords
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Not only will we charge you zero fees, we will also pay full market rate for your property. Is your property currently on RightMove? We will rent your property for the advertised amount.
Fully Managed
We will fully manage your property
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Throughout our term with you we will handle everything. All tenants issues, any maintenance issues, all legalities and so on. You sit back and receive your rent each month hassle free.
Easy To Renew
Over 98% of landlords renew with us
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Most landlords describe our service as a’no brainer’, as we charge no fees, handle all issues, pay for maintenance jobs under £100 and so much more. this is why landlords renew with us.
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Let your property with confidence

Whilst saving money

There are no fees whatsoever when you rent your property directly to us. This is because we make our margin from our clients, usually banks and companies in The City, who use our service to relocate their staff.

So, rather than using a letting agent who will send you a costly invoice, let HighTop Property become your tenant. With us, you’ll receive your full rent each month with no deductions and no invoice.

Before the tenancy begins we will:

• Furnish your property.
• Conduct any light maintenance works that needs to be done – for free.
• Deep clean and carpet clean the entire property – for free.

During the tenancy we will:
• Guarantee the rent payments.
• Conduct any maintenance jobs costing £100 or less – for free.
• Get the property professionally cleaned twice a month

Find out how much you could save renting to us