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Most of the letting agents we work with contact us when they have 3+ bedroom properties coming on the market. They know that working with us we will view the property right away and pay the holding fee right there on the spot. We are able to rent as many properties as you can bring us, even before going through the hassle of taking pictures and uploading them to Rightmove!

As a letting agent your main area of focus is meeting the needs of your landlords. Landlords who typically want; no voids, payment security, and above all great tenants! Here is how we help with each of these:

No voids – we rent properties for the long term, typically for between 2 and 5 years. At the end of our tenancy period, if the landlord is willing (which they invariably are) we will extend our tenancy. This means that during this time, there are no voids.  
Payment security – our current turnover is over £1,000,000 per year plus we own London property. So when we guarantee the rent for the entire tenancy period, the landlord has peace of mind they we will always pay and never be late with our payments.  
Great tenants – we are the best tenants a landlord could ask for! As well as payment security, doing the maintenance for jobs which cost less than £100 throughout the tenancy, professionally cleaning the property twice a month, conducting the deep clean and any light refurbishment work before we move in, we are also very nice people! We conduct our business with upmost integrity and with a smile on our face!  

Before renting a property from a new landlord, we always invite them to meet us so we can have an informal chat and discuss what we do. This always helps. They can also contact our current landlords to ask them about us and how great we are!

To read more about the benefits we provide to landlords please read this.