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Our services are designed to provide every client and tenant with superb accommodation at realistic prices. We provide quality accommodation for Corporate Clients within London, which includes accommodation for employee relocation.

The majority of our clients are large firms who need to relocate their employees or contractors. Usually these are valuable members of staff who need hassle free accommodation and quick links into the City. If you have staff who will be working in London, instead of putting them up in an expensive hotel give us a call.  

We find that most of our tenants prefer to stay in one of our properties compared to hotels, or serviced accommodation for a few reasons. The main reason being that it’s nice to share a property with other professionals, so they can make friends; people who can show them around London and go for drinks with after work. They also tell us that it’s nice that they can cook their own food rather than relying on hotel food for months on end!

We currently manage over 200 tenants in London and we feel we really know what they want. Good links into work, fully furnished rooms, maintenance jobs to be sorted asap, nice and sociable housemates who are employed full time.

When you are renting a room from us, you can expect the following:
*Service which is professional but friendly
*A well-maintained, clean property
*Prompt and professional responses to any and all queries, problems or comments
*Quality, comfortable accommodation in a great locations

All of our rented rooms are fully furnished, well-maintained and, of course, clean and tidy. Our goal is to ensure your accommodation is an inviting, cosy environment where you can be comfortable, put your feet up and relax after a busy hard day at work. We want you to be proud of the property and consider it a place to call home, not just another place to stay—and we achieve this by giving you the best in clean, quality accommodation with a high standard of living at a competitive and reasonable cost.